A mind blowing experience-Remal Sand Sculpting Festival
The world’s first sand festival featuring the theme of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp from the” 1001 Arabian Nights” is being told in combination with sand sculptures and light effects at the Kuwait ...

My trip to the Kuwait Flight Simulation Centre (KFSC)
This month, our school had organized an educational trip to the Kuwait Flight Simulation Centre (KFSC). When the teacher announced about the trip everyone were delighted, but keep wondering what stor...

A Day In The Kuwait Camel Racing Club
It was a delightful and sunny saturday, just right for an outing in the desert. After all it is not every day one gets a chance to witness a sport or an event that is so traditionally Middle Eastern ...

Green Island - The Amusement Terrain
A globe of green enclose a canopy of green trees on a raised platform connected with a passage to a scattered number of landmasses encircled with the water, inhabited with bio-diversified environm...

A Journey to the Scientific Centre
A Pathway of Knowledge Towards Development Of Science. The scientific centre was built by Kuwait foundation For Advancement Science (KFAS) presented by Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah ...

Racing Camels
Camel racing is a favored sport in the Persian Gulf nations, and it is no different in Kuwait. It is a tradition that is firmly rooted in the culture of these desert nations, where the camel in times...

Shuwaikh B Garden - Small is beautiful
Here is a saying 'Old is gold and small is beautiful'. I am talking about a garden which I saw Last week at Shuwaikh residential area when I was there for a meeting with the General Manager of Black ...

Maritime museum-A walk with marine life
Prior to the discovery of oil in 1930s, Kuwait was a thriving port for trade and an epicenter of pearl diving and fishing. The heart of Kuwait’s heritage is embedded deep within the Arabian Gulf thro...

Hawally Park
Have you got crazy children making you mad with their tricks? If so, take them to Hawally Park, put them in the sky scraper and feel the pleasure of hearing them braying. I know you want to correct m...

Historical, Vintage and Classic Cars Museum Kuwait
If classic cars predominate, it is probably because, like great art, it takes time for a design to escape the influence of fashion and be fairly judged on its own merits; it also explains why many mo...

Why I love Sharq...
The term ‘Sharq’ in Arabic means ‘east’. What makes Sharq so attractive? Sharq has been in my mind since the beginning of my life in Kuwait. I always like to stay at Sharq. While walking through the ...

Arab Organizations Headquarters Building in Kuwait: An Architectural Splendor
“A very ordinary building, in look, style and typical office like”, is what one would think each time they pass this structure. In fact, one cannot miss laughing about this structure when they read i...

A visit to the Friday Market, Kuwait
Souk al Jumma, termed in Arabic and most commonly known as Friday Market is one of the oldest and popular market in Kuwait in today’s times. Located ideally near the Shuwaikh industrial area and near...

ALFORDA: The Central Fruits N Vegetable Market
Last weekend my husband asked me if I would like to visit the wholesale fruits and vegetable market of Kuwait. I jumped at the idea, as the weather was good and we had not explored Kuwait for somet...

Failaka - a sole land which lost its soul.
It was my first trip to Failaka Island during the last Eid holidays. Failaka, an Island possessed by Kuwait gives more than that an Island can give to its guests. But, in fact I was impressed not ...

Ice Skating Rink in Kuwait
Searching for a place to spend a hot summer day in Kuwait? Do you want to discover an enjoyable way of spending some quality time with your family? Then the Ice Skating Rink in Kuwait City is the per...

The Scientific Center
The Scientific Center of Kuwait is an interesting and informative place where you can mingle learning with pleasure. It is a must-visit place especially for inquisitive and curious minds both young a...

Bayt al-Bader
Are you interested to know about and see Kuwait’s old architectural creation? Do you want to visit a place which is a perfect combination of traditional and contemporary Kuwaiti architecture? Then th...

Liberation Tower
Towering high above the city of Kuwait, this is one monument you cannot miss while gazing at the city's skyline. Nor it is unknown to anyone staying in Kuwait. But do you know that this popular la...

Chloro‘feel’ Ahmadi’s leafy spots & Lightlife!
A glimpse at this title, it seems like it is presenting ‘Colva beach to Goans’ for the families residing around Fahaheel & Abu-Halifa areas. ‘Al-Ahmadi’ is that kinda own picnicking spot for t...

Khiran Resort
Interested in a weekend break? At the end of a busy week it’s time to forget work and concentrate on revitalizing the mind and body and what could be better than two or three days break with fantas...

Al Kout Mall - an oasis in the desert
I always used to wonder where is the oasis in this desert country / city Kuwait? Here is the answer, Al Kout Mall in Fahaheel. Come let us have a glimpse of this oasis. Take an exit 209 - Fintas ,...

Equestrian Clubs
Horse racing has long been considered one of the most stimulating and racy spectator sports and for centuries, horses have been an intrinsic part of Arabian heritage. Horse racing provides the ideal ...

Red Palace

While some call it Red Palace, others call it Red Fort. The locals call it Qasr Al Ahmar. But the very name reminds us of our very own Red Fort at Delhi. So one weekend we decided to check it out ...

Kuwait Towers N Miami Beach
Last weekend we decided to spend some time in and around Kuwait Towers and the nearby Miami Beach. Yes, Miami Beach in Kuwait! Standing majestically and elegantly on the water front in the Arabian Gu...

Kuwait Zoo
The Kuwait Zoo is a very entertaining place which is often visited by families. Located in Omariya, off the fifth Ring road, this animal kingdom is a major attraction for both, the locals and the ...

Green Island
The weather is just right to plan an outdoor get-together with friends and family. Do you need a place to go this weekend? I have a great suggestion; somewhere to take the whole family to: The ...

See the Sea at Failaka!
A dream to sail on a ‘Luxury deluxe Catamaran’ came true when we boarded the “Bint al Khair” at the Marina crescent’s Yacht docking area. We bought the Tickets priorly at the Marina counter. This ...

Kuwait House of National Memorial Museum
We first visited the Museum during Ramadan period but it was closed (we didn’t know about the Ramadan Timings). We visited again later and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.
Kuwait House of Nati...

Golden Egaila beach!
I just couldn’t think of any other better title sitting on this sandy beach. Egaila is not like a never-before-revealed place, but who said there is no Californian beach in Kuwait? ‘Appealing’ is eve...

The House of Mirrors
It was five minutes to 10, when we reached the unique House of Mirrors in Qadisiya area of Kuwait. We had an appointment with the lady of the house at 10am to have a tour of the house. As we rang the...

Emerald Al-Zour beach!
Welcome, as you have stumbled upon this arena to peek inside an interesting beach in South Kuwait, the white sand Al-Zour private beach. If your mood and insights permit for the holidays ahead to wan...

Al Qurain Museum
Another place to visit in Kuwait, if you want to see the consequence of Iraqi invasion is Al Qurain Museum. Located in the residential suburb of Qurain, a 20-minute taxi ride southeast of the city...

“Entertainment City”
“Entertainment City” as the name suggests is a place that provides unlimited fun, enjoyment, entertainment and adventure. This theme park was opened in February of 1983 and located on 124 acres of be...

Al Hashemi II
If you plan to visit Kuwait or stay in Kuwait, you should visit the Al Hashemi II. Whenever anyone visits us from India, we never forget to show them this majestic wooden ship of gigantic proportion ...

Messila Water Village
What more can be a betterway to beat the summer heat and dust than a visit to a water park? Kuwait has two water parks….Aqua Park next to Kuwait Towers and Mesilla Water Village at Souk Al-Dhakly. It...

Al Sadu House
Al Sadu weaving is an embroidery form in geometrical shapes hand woven by Bedouin people. This traditional art form was developed by the nomadic Bedouins over centuries and was facing extinction beca...

Tareq Rajab Museum and Museum of Islamic Calligraphy

Another place worth visit in Kuwait is the Tareq Rajab Museum which is a private museum located in a villa in Block12 of Jabriya. This museum ...

Dickson House Cultural Center
Another place of interest around Kuwait is the Dickson House Cultural Center.The Dickson House, located opposite the dhow harbor in Sharq and east of Seif Palace, was originally a Kuwaiti home buil...

Kuwait National Museum

When you shift base to a new country the best place to know about that country, its history, culture and custom is to visit its museums. That’s the first step we took after landing in Kuwait. W...

IIK Dine Out...
Mughal Mahal Exotica - An aromatic and exotic twist to Indian food
When it comes to Indian food in Kuwait, no doubt ‘Mughal Mahal’ set an example among the residents ...

Experience Indian Corner Tandoori Nights at Al Manshar Rotana Hotel
Al Manshar Rotana Hotel at Fahaheel, Kuwait launched an authentic Tandoori Night with an Indian cor...

Biryani & Kebabi restaurant opened at Arabia Mall in Egila
Biryani & Kebabi is the newest addition to Al Sabah & Kohli food and beverage brands. Al Sabah & Ko...

Indulge in the luxury of Indian dinner every Tuesday at Jumeirah’s Garden Café
We all love luxury. We have many occasions to celebrate life luxuriously. Be it our anniversary, bi...

A delightful treat to our taste buds- Samrat Restaurant Weekend Buffet.
Delicious Food.. Good Company with Family or friends ... That’s what all look for on a weekend. B...

Places to visit in Kuwait...
A Day In The Kuwait Camel Racing Club
It was a delightful and sunny saturday, just right for an outing in the desert. After all it is not...

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